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Tesla Roadster 2.0

The Challenge

Originally, the aim of the brief was to create an advertising campaign for the launch of Tesla Roadster in 2020. But upon research and visiting a few of their dealerships I’ve decided to shift this project into creating a more interactive experience that you can actually take home with you. To make the user feel like it was actually worth going in and focusing this experience mainly on the new Roadster.


I have designed a brochure focused on the Roadster 2.0, adding useful information about the car and the brand, I've added a few witty lines of copyright in a few places to maintain the same playful and exciting tone of voice Tesla and CEO Elon Musk have always portrayed. 

What sets this brochure apart is the  Augmented Reality elements on most pages. Buy scanning it with a smartphone, the user will have a better and enhanced experience that they will always remember.

For the Dealerships, however, I proposed using the Microsoft HoloLens in order to get a full view of the car scale 1:1.

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